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Vegan Agriculture

Vegan Agriculture

Vegetarian eating is a way of eating that excludes all kinds of animals but not their products (milk, eggs, honey etc.), whereas the term Vegan refers to a lifestyle that seeks to exclude from one’s life every food or item that provokes any suffering to animals.

Vegans don’t eat meat and fish; what’s more, they don’t eat what animals produce (milk and dairy products, eggs, cheese etc.) neither.
Vegans don’t wear anything that derives from animals (leather shoes, woollen and silk clothes etc.).
They don’t use products for which parts of animal origin are used (leather accessories, woollen carpets, pearls etc.).
They don’t use animal products for personal care (tonics or laxatives, animal extracts or vitamins etc.).
They don’t buy items that are not cruelty-free (cosmetics, colours etc.).
They check the whole productive chain to avoid any animal presence or existence of cruelty to them (caseins and gelatines into wine or cakes, plant feeding with butchering contents, pesticides etc.).

In short, Vegans exclude every action or practice that provokes suffering, violence or - worst of all - killing of any kind of animal.

Cristina guarantees that:
1. All her products are obtained excluding any animal suffering, of any kind;
2. No animal derivates enter into her productive chain in any form;
3. Soil fertilization is done exclusively with manure (manure is a natural donation);
4. Biodynamic Preparations don’t derive from cow horns or deer bladders, but from boxes of larch and birch’s barks (Fladen);
5. All her animals live free and they are not used for milk, meat or for other purposes, but just for the manure that they naturally produce and for the grass they eat, and that they are neither killed nor exploited;
6. In her company pesticides are not used.

All operations of the company are verified by ICEA VEGETARIANI VEGAN (Control Body recognized by law) every year to check the conformity of all current standards every year, granting a certification. This certification proves that production, packaging and selling of wine, hazelnuts, olive oil and grappa made by Cristina Menicocci are suitable for Vegan people because not only they don’t contain animal-derivates, but no suffering has been caused to animals, neither directly nor indirectly.

Furthermore, we are registered with The Vegan Society!