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Our Biodynamic Vegan Farm in Italy

Natural methods and love for animals in Faleri Novi
biodynamic vegan farm

The company was started in 1970.

In 1987 Claudio discovers organic farming and from then on excludes chemical products from all cultivation.

Our land is in Italy, in the region of Latium, on the slopes of the Cimini Mountains.

The soil is of volcanic origin and the climate is mild and temperate. A small river winds its way from lake Vico to the Tiber passing our farm.

The total farming surface amounts to 55 hectares, 30 of which for the vineyard, 14 for the growing of hazelnuts and 1,5 hectares for the growing of olives. The rest is wood and pasture. The vineyard counts 34 years, the hazel grove 25 years and the olive grove only 12 because it was destroyed by frost in 1995.

All our products are produced within our company using only natural methods. All our equipment, including the soil working machines, are used exclusively for organic, biodynamic, vegan agriculture and processing.

A lot of animals live freely on our land (cows, sheep, goats, bees, donkeys, dogs, cats, chicken and a lot of other wild species). These animals are not bred but live together with the plants and provide them with the necessary nutrition.

There are 5 people working in the company and another 10 help out during the harvest and whenever the workload requires additional hands. We have no fixed work schedule. Our days are structured by our work and the climate.

We also have a series of archaeological remains on our land, which date back to the second century B.C., to the tribe of the Faliscans, as our land is right next to the ancient settlement of Faleri Novi.