Natural Wine No Added Sulphur

Natural Wines - No Added Sulphur

Natural Wine - Organic Wine - Biodynamic Wine

Organic wine it is just an easier way to say: Wine made from organically grown grapes.
It is the agriculture to be organic, not the wine. This because the EC Reg. 834/07 refers the Organic Standards just to the agriculture.
As everyone knows, the production of wine is possible through a process called transformation in which grapes become wine.
During this transformation, sulphur dioxide may be added to the wine as an anti-oxidant, to preserve the wine.

What most of the people does not know is the meaning of BIODYNAMIC AGRICULTURE.
Biodynamic standards are provided by DEMETER. Thanks to these standards, there are rules in the quantity of sulphites added to the wine during the transformation.
According to Demeter standards, you can add up to 60mg/lt of sulphur dioxide to the wine (surprised? Think that the most of the wines that are not even organic contains a quantity of 200mg/lt or more!!!).

In 2012 we decided to completely exclude sulphur from our wines, producing Natural Wines - No Added Sulphur wines.
These definitions are totally wrong as sulphur is made during the transformation by the wine on its own so it is not possible to extract sulphur to make it a completely free sulphur wine!

We guarantee a unique product, produce of Italy, made from organically grown grapes (Organic certification), with no added sulphur during the transformation process. (Biodynamic certification), which respects the animal rights (Vegan certification) and the environment (Solar panels).

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